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Seasonal Update

Despite the loss of Kevin, the team at Kerrah is just as committed to breeding the best of beef genetics to improve your profitability and enjoyment of farming cattle. We sincerely thank the many people who have helped and supported us though the past few months. Colleen will continue to serve on the Simmental NZ council and the team have been joined by Hamish Howell a very capable young stockman.

This season started with a great calving, 96% reinforcing that a live calf is a prerequisite for any profitable beef herd operation. With a good number of Embryo and AI calves to compare with their naturally  mated counterparts. Our best line of 200 yearling heifers were put to the bull complimented by the 6 outstanding polled yearling bulls we used this year, three having been produced from our first year of embryo transplanting, was very rewarding for the investment in time and money. The flushing program was slightly less fruitful this year however we still managed to implant 49 embyos and have scanned 32 pregnancies. The AI program was very successfull with an astonishing 85% hold rate, overall a very good in calf rate has enabled us to cull even harder and leave us with a very quiet tidy herd to go forward into next season.

Kerrah has two entries of bull calves in the National Beef Expo in addition to the sale at Kimbolton on the 25th May and paddock sales commencing with an open day at our Iwetea property on the 2nd June. With the outlook for beef prices to remain high whilst stock numbers and supply is tight globally you can trust quiet Kerrah bulls produced in commercial conditions and fully breedplan recorded will maximise your returns and enjoyment when working with your cattle. If you have any questions or would like to veiw the herd or bulls don,t hesitate to contact Alistair or myself.


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