Kerrah Simmentals

Bulls for Sale

 KERRAH H268    1667190268

Nice fleshy traditional coloured polled bull

EBVs and pedigree 

 KERRAH H270    1667190270

Big boned, quiet bull with good capacity polled

EBVs and pedigree 

 KERRAH H287    1667190287

Attractive, well balanced traditional coloured bull

EBVs and pedigree 

 KERRAH H371    1667190371

Very docile well grown bull has scurs

EBVs and pedigree 

 KERRAH H424    1667190424

Thick meaty Fortress son, Blonde with scurs

EBVs and pedigree 

 KERRAH H460    1667190460

Solid red, polled and very correct

EBVs and pedigree 

 KERRAH H416    1667190416

Homozygous polled low bithweight traditional colour

EBVs and pedigree 

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