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Kerrah Simmentals recognises the importance of the dairy sourced beef to the beef industry and offer proven calving ease sires. We know how important gestation and calving ease are to the profitability of the dairy farmer and the need for the crossbred calf to grow and fatten for the finisher. The sires we offer are proven calving ease sires each with different strengths. Now in 2020 we offer semen from Kerrah Efficient AE500 and Glenside Crumpy two homozygous polled low gestation, performance bulls not seen in the breed before.



Kerrah Efficient is an exciting new prospect for dairy farmers to use a Homozygous Polled Simmental with Top 1% Calving Ease, Top 5% Gestation, yet top 5% Terminal Index with positive fats.

EBVs and pedigree 

KERRAH BANKER B464    1667BB0464

This guy is a taylor made for those dairy cows with exceptional calving ease with good growth and great fats for easy finnishing progeny. Marks his calves well with curly coats and lots of smokey coloured calves.

EBVs and pedigree 

AILSA G.R. MAJOR AM2114    0898AM2114
Major is a proven calving ease sire with short gestation and unparallelled growth. Used over Kiwi or jersey cross cows his progeny will not disappoint.
EBVs and pedigree 


Unparalleled calving ease sire with adequate growth and good carcass. Look forward to the beef and lamb progeny test results from the dairy beef section who he is a participant. Unrgistered semen available Homozygous polled.

EBVs and pedigree 

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